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Jordy Goodridge

I've been using Arch btw

Jordy Goodridge

Another Quick Update

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Despite the fact that I set this up over two weeks ago, I've refrained from posting pretty much anything, mostly because I just really didn't want to have to make this kind of update.


Just so there's no confusion, this isn't running the blog software I said I was going to make. That's not ready yet. This is using Known, which makes use of the many of the IndieWeb building blocks I'd like my eventual blog software to have. It's partially to use as a temporary solution for my website so I'm not editing every "blog post" onto the same page and it's easier to follow new updates. I also wanted to experience how Known worked first-hand, since it seemed like a pretty clean and well-supported way to get an IndieWeb site up and running.

My impression of Known is...okay, I guess? As far as I can tell, it lacks POSSE options for Mastodon (what I was able to find was out of date and wouldn't work with my installation) and Bluesky (which is understandable since it's fairly new). I tried to use Bridgy to automate it, but I wasn't quite sure how to do so using Known as it was, since that involves sending a webmention or Micropub to Bridgy for every post. Maybe there is a way to do this that I'm missing, but I'm not going to dive into it further for something I'm only using temporarily.

...Oh, I also hate WYSIWYG editors. Known's post source editor seems like kind of a second-class citizen, which is disappointing.


I've decided that whenever I finish developing my blog software, I won't actually use it on this site; I'll use it on whatever new domain name I come up with. That also means that even when I actually finish making the blog, will continue to use Known, like it is currently. Unfortunately, I still haven't come up with anything so there's not really any news on that front. At least, I will say I think .nexus seems like a pretty neat TLD to use (for a few reasons I could go into if I actually do use it), though that's not saying much.


Again, I haven't really made much progress. I don't have any excuses, I'm just lazy and distracted, but who would I be making excuses to anyway? I don't think anybody is going to get mad at me if I don't finish my blog. I'm doing it for myself. I still have some desire to finish it, but I'm lacking the motivation because some things are just giving me trouble. I don't really want to start using it without some features like POSSE and webmentions and I'm starting to get caught up in small details again.

Other things

The original page I made is still available, comments and all, right here. The URL is fucked but I'm not going to expend the effort to fix it.

Known doesn't have a comment system, but that's by design. You're supposed to respond from your own site using webmentions. Backfeed should also work (so long as there's a POSSEd copy of a post on other services), and if you don't want to use either of those options you could always just use This will probably also be the case for the final version of my site.

Jordy Goodridge

Quick Micropub test, using IndiePass.

Also, disregard the previous post, this is not automatically published to Mastodon. That was done manually. Not gonna bother with this one, honestly...

Jordy Goodridge

Alright, I've gotten something set up as a temporary solution. I think this *should* automatically post to Mastodon, via Bridgy. If it does, it should also backfeed any replies on Mastodon to my site. It's after midnight so this is all I'm posting for now, though.